27th – 29th May 2024

Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt

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We wish to inform you about the financial assistance of the participating companies according to their membership in FSA e.V. (Association for Voluntary Self-Control of the Pharmaceutical Industry), AKG e.V. (Association for Medicinal Products and Cooperation in the Health Sector) or because the companies have approved the publication.
Regardless of the above-mentioned memberships, the conditions and scope of financial assistance of all companies as well as specialist publishers who support the event will be published, if this is stipulated by the professional codes of the respective regional medical associations.
Moreover, this complies with the recommendations of the Federal Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) on continuing medical education, 4th revised edition, last updated: 24 April 2015, p.11 et seq., section 32 para. (3) of the (Model) Professional Code for Physicians in Germany ((Muster-)Berufsordnung für die in Deutschland tätigen Ärztinnen und Ärzte – MBO), section 8 para. (1) no. 3 of the (Model) Continuing Medical Education Code (Musterfortbildungsordnung – MFO).

The content of this event is designed to be product- and service-neutral. We confirm that the scientific management and the speakers will disclose potential conflicts of interest to the participants. The following companies are sponsors:

Abbott Vascular Deutschland GmbH 9.000,00 €; ANGIODROID S.p.A. 6.500,00 €; Artivion, Inc. JOTEC GmbH 9.000,00 €; BD Becton Dickinson GmbH 9.000,00 €; Bentley InnoMed GmbH 4.000,00 €; Boston Scientific Medizintechnik GmbH 10.000,00 €; Cordis Germany GmbH 5.500,00 €; Getinge Deutschland GmbH 2.500,00 €; Lamed GmbH 4.000,00 €; Lombard Medical Technologies GmbH 9.000,00 €; Medtronic GmbH 39.000,00 €;Penumbra Europe GmbH 15.000,00 €; Philips GmbH Market DACH 18.000,00 €; PrediSurge 4.000,00 €; Shockwave Medical GmbH 7.700,00 €; Terumo Deutschland GmbH 1.500,00 €; Vascutek Deutschland GmbH t/a Terumo Aortic 10.500,00 €; Veryan Medical Ltd. 2.000,00 €; W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH 10.000,00 €.

The total costs of the event amount to approx. 198.200€.



Ethical MedTech
The Advanced Vascular Conference Rhein-Main has been assessed as provisionally compliant under the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.